The Yoga Loft Storybook: Bob Gemmell


Why/When/Where did you start practicing yoga?
I had attended yoga classes occasionally over the last 10 years. Last year, as I recovered from 2 separate abdominal cancer surgeries at Mass General, I was determined to get my strength back and work to stay healthy. As soon as I was able, I started an exercise regimen that includes attending classes at the Yoga Loft on a weekly basis and I am happy with the results. 

How has yoga changed/influenced your life?
When the instructors describe some of the poses as being good for the internal organs, it resonated with me how important yoga can be for me. I just turned 65 and I am active and healthy. Yoga helps me stay flexible while giving me a sense of accomplishment and well being after every class. 

What has been your experience practicing at The Yoga Loft?
At first I felt self-conscious about my yoga abilities, but the instructors remind me that yoga is a personal practice and the most important part is showing up. I look forward to the classes and intend to continue forever.

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Rebecca Reitz