Maida Broudo

As an oncology healthcare practitioner, teacher and writer, Maida believes in the power of the body, and the importance of taking care of it. She attended her first yoga class 20 years ago to balance the stress and strain of marathon running, and has not stopped practicing since. The connection of the mind, body, and spirit is vital, and taking time to devote oneself to yoga offers rewards on and off the mat.
Maida attended Boston Yoga School and continued her studies with Larisa Forman, Goldie Graham, and Carrie Owerko. She teaches and practices extensively--always eager to learn. She is working toward her 500-hour RYT certification. “We are always learning, we begin anew each day!” 

Maida currently works as Program Manager at the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Target Cancer Therapy at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She is a former instructor at Harvard Medical School; has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Harvard University; and is a freelance health journalist and yoga teacher. 

Class with Maida

Maida’s classes are constantly evolving and changing. You will never have the same class twice! Ranging from beginner friendly classes to master classes, Maida is able to teach a wide range of students in a relatable and often humorous way. With her in depth knowledge of the body and anatomy, Maida is able to assist her clients and offer a variety of poses and modifications. Whether it is a class or a workshop with Maida, come prepared to learn something new and smile!