Class Descriptions


Warm Room

A moderately paced flow to cultivate strength, flexibility, and balance within a gentle, continuous sequence of postures for all levels.  


Warm Room 

A fluid style of yoga characterized by linking breath and movement guided through a range of postures and creative sequencing.

Heated Vinyasa (warmer room)

A strong alignment based flow. Expect to be challenged as you mindfully approach poses.

Power Flow

Warmer Room  

A dynamic flow created to strengthen the body through breath and balance, stimulating the muscles while exploring more advanced variations.

Slow Flow

Warm Room  

A deep, mindful sequence of active and restorative poses that focus the mind, calm the nervous system, and open the body. This class concludes with a guided meditation and incorporates different healing modalities such as essential oils and a touch of Reiki. 


Warm Room  

A practice that restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints through supported seated and supine poses held for 1 – 5 minutes preparing both the body and mind for deeper experiences in meditation.


Warm Room  

In the Yogic tradition, Meditation, or ‘Dhyana’ is the training of the mind away from the 5 main senses to find internal peace, and equanimity (or non-attachment). In our busy modern lives, it can be a challenge to find time and space to explore Meditation, and to cultivate a practice. Our meditation class will be an exploration of a multitude of meditation techniques. It is an opportunity to create a regular Mediation practice. It is well known that the benefits of meditation are multi-fold and include (but are not limited to) reducing stress and relieving anxiety, promoting a more positive outlook on life, enhancing self-awareness, improving concentration, improving mental clarity, generating kindness and improving sleep.


Warm Room 

$5 all levels class taught by rotating instructors.

Specialty Classes 

Prenatal Yoga

Warm Room 

Enjoy the benefits of yoga throughout your entire pregnancy.  Connect to your baby and find comfort in your body through, breath, yoga poses and fluid movements.  Using techniques to help prepare your body for labor. All levels of yogis welcome to this fun and nurturing class. This class runs as a series, so please check the workshops page for updates.


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Upcoming Teacher Substitutions

Friday, May 17
4:45pm | Kristan (for Rachael)

Monday, May 27
8:15am | Andrew (for Vito)
9:30am | Andrew (for Vito)

Thursday, May 30
9:30am | Maida (for Kristan)