We are so proud of all of the students who graduated from our 2017 and 2018 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. We are also deeply grateful for Larisa and Vito's leadership, vision and masterful creation. This training offered students a profound experience of personal transformation -- a legacy we will shall proudly carry forth with our next teacher training.  If you read the students' reflections below, you will get a hint of what they experienced. 

Graduation Ceremony, May 6, 2018

Graduation Ceremony, April 30, 2017

Photos from Teacher Training Weekends

Student Testimonials

Beth Jacobs
I took the Yoga Teacher Training to enhance my physical practice, not realizing how I would also discover myself. Larisa and Vito taught, assisted and ignited a desire in me to seek so much more. Their combined knowledge, compassion, and humor created a welcoming healthy environment, which allowed each student to explore themselves and learn from the BEST! I wish I could do it all over again. We started as students, became teachers, and gained an amazing yoga family along the way. I am forever grateful! 

Deb Leahy
When was the last time you walked into a room and made 22 instant acquaintances that shared a mutual interest? I enrolled in yoga teacher training to learn more about yoga poses, proper form and techniques—to bring my yoga practice to the next level.  I was immersed in academic yoga philosophy, anatomy, reading and yoga life lessons, learning about compassion for self and others, daily meditating and journaling.  Larisa and Vito created an incredibly nurturing environment to share concerns, joyous growth and successes in addition to inviting talented guest speakers.  Yoga teacher training brought balance into my life as well as blessing me with a bonus of 22 wonderful friendships. I highly recommend teacher training at the serene Yoga Loft in Marblehead with Larisa and Vito!

Gurdeep Bhogal
I did not realize what the breadth and depth of my education was going to be on this program. Going beyond asana practice and anatomy, (even though the training made me realize how physically strong I could be), there is a lot more to it than that. It has been a journey into my very being, my soul, coming face to face with who I truly am underneath all the layers. Thanks to our amazing teachers, Larisa & Vito, as well as Randy and Laurel from The Yoga Loft.

Janet D.
This Yoga Teacher Training with Vito and Larisa was a peak experience; one never to be forgotten. The knowledge and insights gained strengthen body and soul while providing tools to help heal and encourage others. The lessons truly translate both on and off the mat.

Julie Sacchiero
Training with Larisa and Vito was a wonderful blend of training and preparation for the "real world" of teaching yoga and countless assignments to practicing living the life of a yogi on AND off the mat.  These two walk the talk and guide you in learning how to do the same.  Can't recommend it enough!

Kathleen Iannacchino
This yoga teacher training has opened my eyes to the true meaning of yoga. Recognizing, studying and reflecting on my actions as they relate to key values has been enlightening and powerful. I’ve experienced changes in myself, my outlook on life, my interactions with family and friends and the world at large on a daily basis. This has been an amazing experience in an inspiring community lead by two dedicated instructors, Larisa and Vito. As a result, we all have the opportunity to create more light in the world. That can have an awesome collective effect!

Lisa Lewis
I was eager for years to start a teacher training in yoga and it was never the right time. When I came across the opportunity to learn from Vito and Larisa, I jumped on it and am so glad i did. It was an amazing experience especially as I learned that I was pregnant as we began the training. My pregnancy and birth, made things somewhat challenging but taught me even more than I could have imagined. I'm so excited to take their learnings with mine and pay it forward to yogis all around! 

Molly Williams
The Yoga Loft’s Teacher Training represented a significant commitment to my own personal and professional growth, and it was an incredible experience. A couple years ago I had decided it was time to make a big change in my career; this training perfectly complements my new work as a life coach and helping individuals connect to the wisdom, strength and beauty within. Larisa and Vito are outstanding teachers and the design of the training challenged us to not only become skilled, thoughtful teachers, but to have a full appreciation and understanding of living yoga through all parts of our lives.

Susana - Susan A. Cronin
The Yoga Loft of Marblehead is a peaceful refuge where I escape the busy-ness of daily life and work!  An instantaneous “YES!” to Yoga Teacher Training with these superb teachers – primarily desiring to deepen my yoga practice.  Each successive weekend was a sacred experience. Immersed in this beautiful space, we shared meditation, asana, and deeply provocative discussions with a diverse community of extraordinary heart-centered souls.

Utmost reverence and love for Larisa Forman and Vito Politano – brilliant independent thinkers with unique backgrounds and perspectives, who together created a dynamic interplay and intensely challenging multi-dimensional program fused with the highest expression of loving kindness, grace, spirited intentions, sharp wit and playful humor.  Larisa and Vito dedicated their whole selves – mind, body, and spirit – without ego, allowing freedom for every individual’s personal evolution while simultaneously cultivating a collective group energy that emerged with its own living, breathing, ONE heartbeat! 

If yoga means “union”, I I truly feel it for the first time in my life.  Eternally grateful to my yoga family for a profoundly enriching year of discovery and triumphs – jubilantly await with sthira and sukha where we rise to from here!” 


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