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Midday Meditation with Willa Worsfold

11:00 - 11:30 am
Midday Meditation
Drop-In Only
$5 Class. Included in Monthly Unlimited Membership.

What?  Take a half hour out of the middle of my day to indulge myself in calm, serenity and peace of mind? Exactly!!!

Join Willa every Thursday for a special, heart-felt, deep and soulful connection to yourself. 

This vibrant, compassionate, and masterful teacher will lead you in a 30-minute meditation that is certain to change the rest of your day.  

There is no set format to this class. Willa offers a vast range of meditation experience and styles and will share her inspired and intuitive teaching abilities as the classes unfold. 

Willa leads a Vinyasa class from 9:30 - 10:45 am immediately prior to the meditation.  You may wish to take the yoga class or just drop-in for the meditation if that is all your schedule will allow.  

Read more about Willa on her teacher profile and on her website