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The Yoga of Devotion: A Light-Hearted Vinyasa with Kelly Kamm

Sunday, October 15
3- 5 PM

$30 pre-registration
$35 day of event
*No refunds within 48-hours of workshop.


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How do we stay open hearted and committed to our spiritual path in the difficult moments?  The great Bhakti poet Mirabai gives us a hint when she says, "The heat of midnight tears will bring you to God."  

Infused with Bhakti poetry, Rumi’s wisdom and Krishna lore, this lighthearted Vinyasa class will open you up in more ways than one!  There will be some of Kelly’s signature storytelling, a little chanting, a lot of heart opening shapes, and some deeply satisfying long held hip openers to top it all off.  

For students of all levels.  All you need to bring is an open mind and a willingness to try new shapes and new ways of thinking! If we approach the poses step by step, the impossible becomes possible!

About Your Instructor

Kelly Kamm The Yoga loft

Kelly Kamm is a New York-based yoga teacher. It is often said that our yoga practice doesn’t really begin until life gets hard, and Kelly has experienced that first hand. Her goal is to help people see that our greatest struggles can actually be our greatest strengths. She combines the power of movement, music, and myth to help others move through life transitions with grace and ease. 

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