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Happy & Successful Me: A Workshop for High School Juniors & Seniors

Every new school year offers the chance to start fresh. Sounds exciting, but change can also feel scary and cause a lot of stress.

For high school juniors and seniors, some big stressors include: 

  • Feeling confused while trying to make the "right"decisions around college, gap year, work

  • Tackling the enormous (and typically overwhelming) college application process

  • Striving to do well on college entrance exams; get good grades; improve overall academic, leadership, sports/activities, and community service portfolio

  • Managing time and energy required for school work, extracurricular activities, social interests,  and other personal responsibilities

  • Feeling the pressure to meet parents' expectations (re: schools, grades, etc..)

  • Trying to fit in with peer groups, inclusive of social media, clothes, parties, etc...=

This 4-hour interactive workshop, designed specifically for high school juniors and seniors, leads students through a powerful process that can dramatically shift their school year experience from one of overwhelm and confusion to clarity and confidence.  

Students will gain clarity around their goals and what matters most to them (both for the school year and after graduation), so they can confidently assert themselves. 

Students will learn mindfulness techniques to help reduce their stress around any issue in their life.

And students will develop stronger organizational skills to further reduce stress and work more productively and efficiently. 

By the end of this workshop (designed to be fun, engaging and highly motivating), students will have turned their fears and self-doubts into positive, powerful decisions. And they will make a commitment to their goals for the year ahead (and possibly their life!), and leave with a plan to ensure their success.

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$99 includes healthy snack, water, and a journal.  Class is limited to 15 students.

Wear comfortable clothing for sitting on the ground and moving around. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one (we have extras at the studio). This is not a yoga class, but we want you to be comfortable and your mat will be your "space". 

About the Instructors

This dynamic trio - Molly Williams, Violaine Gueritault, and Peter Franklin - have teamed up to offer the best of their expertise for the benefit of high school students. 

Molly Williams, MPA, is a Success Coach who leads individuals through powerful, personal and professional growth experiences. Molly's work with young people spans 20+ years in her roles leading nonprofit organizations, including Marblehead for Teens. Molly is also The Yoga Loft's studio manager who created and designed the Whole Body & Mind Wellness Series launching this fall. You can read more about Molly on her website, Molly Will...

Violaine Gueritault, Ph.D. in pyschology, draws on 25+ years as an individual and organizational psychologist specializing in stress management and burnout prevention. In addition to leading meditation classes at The Yoga Loft, Violaine leads the Zen Center at Marblehead High School and has been a key facilitator for district-wide efforts to expand meditation and mindfulness in the schools. You can read more about Violaine on her website, My Life, My Success. 

Peter Franklin, J.D., is a professional educator and certified Mindfulness instructor. Peter’s Mindfulness coaching and training business, The Mindful Educator, delivers Mindfulness skills and strategies to educational leaders, their staff, and students to create more dynamic, engaged learning environments. Peter, currently teaching English to juniors and seniors at Swampscott High School, has been an educator for over 20 years, at both the high school and college level. Peter is leading a mindfulness series this fall at The Yoga Loft called "A Mindful Me".  You can read more about Peter here.


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