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Yoga to Soothe the Nervous System with Kate Graham

Take time out
amidst your busy and hectic life
to pierce the chatter of your mind,
ease tension in your body,
and find an integrated-balanced
sense of being.

In this workshop...

  • you will sooth the nervous system with restorative postures,
  • use slow breath centric movement to burn off excess tension and cultivate a sense of groundedness in the present,
  • and to close practice, you will be guided through an extended yoga nidra practice to offer a deep sense of inner relaxation and tap into new sources of energy. 

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About Kate Graham

Kate is passionate about immersing her students in the direct experience that yoga offers us to observe, understand and unravel the obstacles that disconnect us from the present moment. Through her teachings students have the opportunity to understand themselves from the inside out. Letting go of old emotional and physical tension patterns and restoring alignment of their mind, body and soul.

Kate is a long time yoga teacher and licensed mental health counselor. She  has a private practice in Boston infusing traditional psychotherapy with yoga therapy. Kate also travels around New England offerings workshop and trainings on yoga for emotional health and healing.