Willa Worsfold

I was born in NYC, raised in the Berkshires and schooled in the Midwest, but I found my yoga soul in Chicago. It was there that I first discovered the power of Astanga, the alignment of Iyengar, and the lift of the Universal Style. I’ve been a runner and b-grade player of many sports, and generally your never-sit-still-kinda-gal. Move it or lose it.

The practice of yoga asana (poses) combined with practical, non-mystical meditation and approachable yogic philosophy has helped me find peace within my body and my mind. Peace, and Space. The space to heal my chronic back pain from bulging and herniated disks, space within my overused creaking joints, space to sit and breath with more ease, space to observe both the joy and sadness in this life around us – and to recognize the importance of our reactions to the shifts and changes that life can bring. 

I take joy in exploring multiple styles of yoga and meditation through advanced workshops with Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Anna Forest, Eion Finn, Jean-Jacques Gabriel, David Magone and Dharma Mittra. I’ve spent endless hours practicing and training with Boston’s David Magone and his PranaVayu style – having completed and assisted in multiple trainings with him as well as meditational studies with the Pranavayu philosophical advisor, Lama Migmar Tseten of the Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge, MA.  I also adore traveling and lead retreats in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Italy.  

About Willa's Classes

I teach an interesting style of vinyasa yoga that blends creative sequencing with mindful alignment cues, to help students find their strength AND softness upon their mats and in the world. My classes tend to be challenging but accessible, intelligent but entertaining, contemplative but conversational. And I love to accompany each class with practical meditational techniques, refreshing alternative music and poetic meditations. Classes always close with a delicious 10-15 minute guided meditation and savasana.