Molly Williams

In 2015, Molly left a longstanding 22+ year career in nonprofit administration to reinvent her world.  She partnered with The Yoga Loft to launch her life coaching practice, and most recently, to start leading yoga and meditation classes.

In May 2016, Molly graduated from The Yoga Loft’s 200-hour Teacher Training under Larisa and Vito.  Molly had been practicing yoga off and on for 17 years.  As she describes it,“I had a love/hate relationship with yoga. I grew up dancing until I graduated college, then the demands of real life took over. When I started yoga, it was with the intention of bringing movement and flexibility back into my body. The problem was, yoga felt stiff to me …until I went on a solo trip to Bali three years ago where I practiced yoga every day. Halfway into my trip, I realized I had finally become friends with my mat. Something in my head, and more importantly, in my heart, finally clicked. I wanted and needed this journey back into my body, and to dive into the spiritual and meditative practices that connect me to ME.” Molly was first introduced to meditation six years ago when she became a Reiki Master, but she credits the The Yoga Loft's Teacher Training for deepening her own personal practice and inspiring her to want to teach others.

Class with Molly

Molly has a philosophy she calls “Mo’Jo!” – moments of joy.  She wants to offer students the experience of connecting to a place of joy within, and to appreciate themselves for simply showing up on your mat ... and smile.  Molly’s yoga classes move at a slower pace, but she will challenge you with longer holds and creative sequences.  Her meditations gently guide you into a place of deep relaxation and connection to Self, allowing you to release the stress and anxieties caused by thoughts and non-acceptance of the present.