Hilary Richard

Hilary Richard (E-RYT500) was first certified in 2012 by Claire Este-McDonald and Gregor Singleton of Divine Play Yoga.  She specializes in Vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga, with a fierce passion for vinyasa. She enjoys the freedom of vinyasa’s unique sequencing, individuality, artistic and spiritual style. She felt liberated and overtime her teaching methods evolved into her own unique expression.

Having been blessed with a uniquely mobile upper body, it took a lot of observation and self study to understand more about individuals with limited mobility. The minor injuries she sustained fueled her desire to gain knowledge on how to lead students into a strong practice, with careful protection from wear and tear. Hilary has strayed away from the alignment teachings of older lineages, to embrace the newer ways of teaching with an understanding that our bodies are different, and alignment ideas are not finite. By taking away the strict rules of a pose, we liberate the body and bring it closer towards Harmony.

Hilary completed her 300 hour training with Josh Summers and Terry Cockburn of the Summers School of Yin Yoga. She completed more than 50 hours of training in restorative yoga with renowned Jillian Pransky of Yogaworks NYC, and is trained as a reiki master in the ancient healing modality. She believes that we should never stifle our desire to learn, to ask questions, and to revisit our previous beliefs when it comes to the practice. 

Learn more at www.hilaryrichardyoga.com 

Class with Hilary

When teaching vinyasa, Hilary tries to cover all of her bases. First and foremost with a strong and intelligent sequence that builds up to a certain intention, while making sure the body is safe in the process. (Easier said than done). Her sequence is always unique and different every week so students need to stay alert and learn to listen carefully. “I want my students to leave with a new piece of information each time to  help with their practice. I want to incorporate spirituality to help feed the students soul. Finally I want my students to drop their egos and learn to laugh at themselves as they learn, and to practice in a way that nurtures the body without beating it up. - Lokha samastah sukhino bhavantu”.