Asana training (the physical practice) has countless benefits including conditioning the physical body, balancing the energetic body and focusing the mind. This is the inward part of the practice where students tune into their bodies and tune out the chatter in their minds.

As one practices yoga more and more, they begin to cultivate a deeper awareness. The student begins to apply the principles of yoga off the mat in their engagements with the world around them. It is a way of being that is most simply expressed as “mindful”.

We kindly ask The Yoga Loft community to observe and practice the art of mindfulness while at the studio. 


Plan to arrive early enough to check in, changeuse the restroom, and set up your practice space before class begins. Arriving on your mat on-time allows you, your fellow yogis, and the teacher to begin the practice with the fewest distractions. 

Please check-in at the front desk upon arrival. We ask that shoes not go beyond the entry lobby, so please remove your shoes and place them on boot trays or in cubbies. This keeps our bare feet clean and dry.

If you are late for an unavoidable reason, please join class quietly. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, you may not be able to join class. This is enforced as a way to avoid injury, as the warm up segment of the class may have been completed.

Please use the restroom before class begins to avoid missing any segments which might prepare the body for something deeper. This also limits unnecessary disruptions to your fellow students during class.

Should you need to leave class early, please inform the teacher beforehand. Please also position yourself at the back of the room to leave as quietly as possible. PLEASE NOTE: If you do plan to leave class early, you MUST plan on being fully out of the studio BEFORE Savasana begins. Take care of yourself by winding down your practice and taking an early savasana.

If you are feeling under the weather, be considerate of yourself and others by staying home and nurturing yourself in other ways. Yoga is a very healing and energizing practice, but when the body is not well it can further deplete you.


Please silence or turn off your cellphones before entering the building. We do have staff at the front desk during all of our classes, so you may want to leave your cellphone in your jacket or bag in the lobby. If not, please leave it in your car or at home. Cellphones should not be taken into the studio.


The lobby is a wonderful area for the members of our community to connect. Enjoy the unplugged communication with your fellow yogis! Share a smile and chat softly because voices do carry up to the studio where a class may be in progress or students may be enjoying some pre-class quiet time.


The studio is our community's sanctuary. Many students arrive to class early for stretching, relaxation or meditation.  Please walk lightly up the stairs and through the studio. Also, please refrain from conversation (other than quietly letting the teacher know if there is anything going on in your body that they should know about, of course).  Silence brews serenity, and nurtures our shared space.

After class, please continue to practice mindfulness as it will also extend the feeling and benefits of your yoga practice. Take care of the space and items you've used; placing blocks and rolled up straps in their proper place, and wiping around your area of the floor if you've had a good sweat.