Asana training (the physical practice) has countless benefits including conditioning the physical body, balancing the energetic body and focusing the mind. This is the inward part of the practice where students tune into their bodies and tune out the chatter in their minds.

As one practices yoga more and more, they begin to cultivate a deeper awareness. The student begins to apply the principles of yoga off the mat in their engagements with the world around them. It is a way of being that is most simply expressed as “mindful”.

We kindly ask The Yoga Loft community to observe and practice the art of mindfulness while at the studio. 


Late Policy: To protect the integrity of our classes and student experience, we have a 5-minute grace period. This policy serves both members and teachers. The first few minutes of each class are used to set the intention and prepare your body for a meaningful and safe practice. The 5-minute grace period is extended to accommodate members upon last minute arrival before the class is closed.

Early departure: Should you need to leave class early, please inform the teacher beforehand and position yourself at the back of the room. Please leave before savasana begins.


Please silence your cell phones. Phones are not permitted in the studio space.


Please respect the studio atmosphere prior to the start of class. Conversations should be kept to a minimum in the studio space.