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Vinyasa Classes


Warm Room 


Vinyasa is the Sanskrit word for "Flow" and is an active style of yoga, emphasized by linking movement and breath.  Generally suitable for all levels, Vinyasa classes include a wide variety of poses, sun salutations and relaxation. This dynamic style of yoga will strengthen your body, ease your mind and connect you with your own internal rhythm.

Music Based Vinyasa: Join YLTT graduate (and Sonos Exec) Lisa Lewis for this super fun, up beat flow class to some great music. Lisa spends her days in the music world, and loves incorporating it into her yoga classes. This 60 minute class, suitable for all levels, will have flow, deep breathing and some dope A$$ beats ... ending with a relaxing savasana ! A new playlist each night is sure to amp things up a bit. R&B anyone? 80’s? Ska? Saturday Night Fever? Country? The possibilities are endless, and are sure to make for a great "Hump-Day” evening class. Follow Lisa at @yogabawse to get a preview of each class theme. #flowsohard

Vinyasa with Wall: Find new possibilities in your yoga practice by using the wall as a tool. A portion of this flow class will incorporate the wall as a prop. Using the support of the wall gives an incredible ability to FEEL the proper alignment of poses that are often difficult to achieve when balance is required. This class will help enhance your standing postures, while safely preparing your body for arm balances and inversions. This use of the wall as a tool is fun and beneficial for both new and seasoned practitioners.

Power Flow

Hot Room 

Power Flow builds endurance, strength and flexibility with a strong focus on matching the breath to the movements. This more vigorous style of yoga uses a sun salutation format, in which several postures are connected together, throughout much of the class. Power Flow is great for those seeking a more cardiovascular, calorie-burning form of yoga. 

Power Hour

Hot Room 


Power Hour is our same Power Flow class, just condensed into an hour long format, to get you in and out, and on with your day. 


Hatha Classes


 Warm Room 

Basics is a slower paced Hatha class which focuses on optimal alignment in a variety of foundational yoga poses. Basic breathing techniques as well as meditation and relaxation practices are incorporated. This class is designed to be both accessible and engaging while exploring the fundamental elements of yoga. Basics welcomes everyone from novice to seasoned practitioners, and is a great class for beginning or deepening a yoga practice.

Candlelight Flow & Restore

Warm Room 


Slow Flow & Meditation

Warm Room 

Candlelight Flow & Restore is a combination class with both yin and yang elements. The practice begins with a half hour mindful Slow Flow asana practice to awaken and engage the physical and energetic body, then transitions to the support and surrender of Restorative yoga for 45 minutes. The Restorative portion of the practice uses bolsters, blankets and blocks to prop students in passive poses which allow for deep opening and soothe the nervous system. Flow & Restore is suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced practitioners. Read more here.

Slow Flow & Meditation begins with a gently-paced, 50-minute Vinyasa class to slowly stretch, strengthen, and energize your body. This style is great for anyone new to yoga, just returning to yoga, or who simply likes a more gentle class that gives plenty of time to connect to the body in each pose. Students are then led into a 25-minute relaxing, guided meditation to bring a deeper sense of calm and connection to self. Read more here.

Deep Stretch

Warm Room 

Deep Stretch fuses active and resistant stretching and ball rolling, along with more passive yin and restorative stretching, to get deep into muscles and connective tissue. Designed for athletes, as well as those who simply need a good stretch to release tension and stress while building flexibility. Special attention will be paid to the neck and shoulders, hamstrings, hips, quads and lower back. 


Specialty Classes


 Warm Room 

Community Yoga is a $5 class is offered to serve and build our community. This warm and welcoming class, typically taught by one of our newer instructors, is a Vinyasa-styled class suitable for all levels.

Teen Yoga

 Warm Room

Teen Yoga is an opportunity for teens to gain confidence and focus while developing strength, flexibility, and balance. The breathing and relaxation techniques that are integral to yoga can help young adults learn to better cope with the stresses of schoolwork and social pressures. This class is suitable to all fitness levels for teens  6th to 9th grade. This class runs as a series, so please check Home page or Schedule page for status.


Warm Room 

Restorative is a therapeutic style of yoga that focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures, providing the body an opportunity to renew and heal.  Restorative classes use bolsters, blankets and blocks to prop students in passive poses in order for the body to experience the benefits of a pose without exerting any effort. The poses are held for an extended time allowing for stress reduction, increased circulation and calmness. Restorative Yoga is a wonderful way to balance an active yoga practice or busy lifestyle.


New - Yin Yoga:

Warm Room

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