Please see our class descriptions below. We also encourage you to read the teachers'  
for information on their training and inspiration for their classes.

Vinyasa Classes


Warm Room 


A fluid and active style of yoga characterized by the linking of breath and movement. Includes a range of standing and seated postures. All levels welcome. 

Power Flow

Hot Room 

A practice focused on strength, balance and a dynamic flow created to strengthen and stimulate the deep connective tissue of the body and open up your natural energy stores. Advanced poses may be explored with modifications given to accommodate any level of practitioner.

Hatha Classes


 Warm Room 

A slower paced class focusing on optimal alignment in a variety of foundational yoga posesAccessible and engaging, this class is great for beginners, but welcomes practitioners of all levels. 

Slow Flow & Restore

Warm Room 

Slow Flow & Meditation

Warm Room 

A mindful slow-flow to open the body, followed by fully supported, restorative poses with bolsters and blankets. You will be guided into a meditative state with candles and essential oils, and receive a touch of Reiki. Prepare to be immersed in a deep level of stillness and relaxation.

An easy-paced, 50-minute all levels Vinyasa, followed by a relaxing 25-minute guided meditation. 

Specialty Classes


 Warm Room 

This warm and welcoming class, typically taught by one of our newer instructors, is a Vinyasa-styled class suitable for all levels. $5 class.

Teen Yoga

 Warm Room

An opportunity for teens to gain confidence and focus while developing strength, flexibility, and balance. The breathing and relaxation techniques that are integral to yoga can help young adults learn to better cope with the stresses of schoolwork and social pressures. This class is suitable to all fitness levels for teens  6th to 9th grade. This class runs as a series, so please check Home page or Schedule page for status.

Yin Yoga

Warm Room 

A passive practice, Yin involves seated and supine poses held for  1 – 5 min. stretching connective tissues around the joints, and accessing deeper layers of fascia. A peaceful, calming practice.