Teacher Spotlight : Marina Hartnett

What was your first yoga experience?

The first time I took a breath… In my teens, at sweet home meditating with my parents. Later on, a 10 yoga classes gift card given by a friend introduced me to the physical practice.

What made you become a yoga teacher?

The feeling of being home, strong and soft, grounded and free, present. Nothing more special than sharing a healing practice of thousands of years for all of us to face the challenges on and off the mat mindfully.

What is your favorite pose and why?

What a tough question! Being upside down makes wonders for the chattering mind. So here we go: Sirsasana - headstand - feeling the support of the earth to root mind and rebound body up and ready.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your classes?

From simple things… The meditation in the morning, the long talk with a closed friend, the smile from a stranger, the noisy neighbor, hikings, and, of course, from each teacher and student who planted a seed to awake that teacher within.

What is your favorite season and why?

Spring! Nature is colorful and people are feeling more vibrant!

What do you cherish the most?

Family, friends, riding mountain bike to feel the fresh air, exploring new places all over the world.

Favorite quote?

"Practice and all is coming” ~ Pathabi Jois

Practice with Marina

Marina teaches Community Yoga on Monday nights at 7:30 pm. Check schedule here.  Read Marina's full bio here.